As an artist or producer, your music is a representation of you. Make sure you're putting your best foot forward.

Doing it alone is great! but two minds working together is better :) Hire someone with experience to help you complete your track.

  •  Real, Raw vocals
  •  Full Trackout stems wav. and Mp3.
  •  Keep 100% copyright
  •  Original Lyrics
  •  Quality
  •  Keep 100% copyright


*Please note add-ons must be attached to an order, they can not be purchased separately.

Regular Raw Recording VS Professional Raw Recording

  • I record all packages with an AKG P10 microphone and a Presonus Audiobox. 
  • *With the delivery of your order, you will receive raw, unedited vocal wav files. I do not offer mixing services.
  • If you want your order to be Professionally Recorded, add it to your purchase as an add-on.Please note: The fee covers the cost of studio time, skills, and labor that comes with professionally recording a song. 

*Depending on service purchased

Understanding the process

1. First, you place your order and fill out the form sent to Inbox.

2. I will write/sing your song and record it at my home studio. 

3. I will deliver your order to your inbox for review.

4. **Professional recording only*-- If you purchased Professional Recording for your song, you would receive an email that you can reply to with the changes you want to make. If there are none, just let me know you like it as is. Then, I will book the studio time and record the song (with the changes if necessary).

Regular Raw Recording Example:

I suggest listening with headphones to best gage quality. 

Professional Raw Vocals Example:

As you can see, the professional studio mic picks up a broader range of my vocal tones. The track is also cleaner and equalized, making it easier to mix.

Why Shazarré?

Original Lyrics

All my work is 100% original. I will create your perfect song based on the answers you provide on the fill-out form. The link to the fill-out form will be emailed to you after you complete your purchase. Please note you can only fill out the form once.

Real , Raw Vocals

I train my vocals five days a week. When you purchase, you can guarantee that you will be getting raw and real talent for your project. All tracks are delivered in its original form, giving you the freedom to mix in the highest quality.

Quality Work

I stand behind my work 100%, which is why I have a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied.


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About Shazarré

A 5 Star Fiverr Seller! Learn how she's helping artists and producers around the world

"The music industry has made tremendous progress in just these last 3 decades, but, there’s still much work to be done before creatives can feel secure in the business process."  

To become a doctor, you go to school, to be a basketball player, you practice, and go to tryouts. To become successful in the music industry, what do you do?  

I fell into song-writing and being a vocalist by accident. It started in Highschool; at the time, I would sing every opportunity I got. Then, I started getting paid by people who wanted me to be on their tracks. It ranged from simple things like tags or being on the hook, to writing or singing a full song.  

A client suggested posting videos on youtube and Instagram of me singing. I did, and since then, I’ve been selling my services online, mostly through Instagram.  

Being surrounded by both successful and unsuccessful artists and producers made me realize a lot of truths about the music industry. I admit the music industry has made tremendous progress in just these last three decades. However, there’s still much work to be done before creatives can feel secure in the business process.  

Within the last 30 years, we’ve experienced the rise of the internet. We have seen how it has and is continuing to change the music industry. The growth of the internet, has resulted in more opportunities than ever, available with just a touch, but how valuable are those opportunities if creatives don’t know how to access them?  

I help bridge that gap by producing valuable content, pointing to the right resources, and supporting artists and producers with creating the best track possible.  

I’m currently in the creative process for my project, scheduled to release at the beginning of 2021, with promo starting after the summer. After that, I go on tour, so I won’t have as much time to contribute to the community as I would like. That’s why I’m taking the time now to help as many people as I can.  

Contact Shazarré

  • 678-885-7156