Once a car is out of fuel, it’s time to refuel. This does not change, no matter how great the driver, or mechanic may be.

As humans, we’re always on the go. This makes it very important for us to refuel ourselves on a regular basis. When we are properly refueled, we are able to function at our best capacity. However, fueling ourselves is something that we sometimes struggle with. Just like a car needs oil change, and other maintenances, we also have different aspects of ourselves we have to keep up with. It’s very important for us to learn how to balance these aspects, because lack of fuel in one, will affect the others negatively.

Below I list the top 10 best ways to refuel your creativity used by pro’s like me. I also sectioned them into different categories, you can try doing them all, or just jump to the one you feel that you need.

Ways To refuel your Creativity


Body Fuel

If you were a computer, your body would be your operating system, and your mind would be the programs. Computers use power from a wall outlet, your body use power from water (average is 60%), and the rest is basically food. The higher quality body fuel you choose, the better your body will operate, and do the things you want it to do. It’s that simple.

Meaning, if you’ve been feeling a lack of energy, you should look into the water you’re drinking, and your eating habits. Evaluate what’s been working, and not working so far, then make the necessary changes.

Body fuel is also doing more physical things like:

  • Excercising
  • Massage
  • Doing physical things that gets your adrenaline pumping like roller coasters


Mind Fuel

  • Meditation
  • Listening to inspiring podcasts
  • Doing research
  • Reading
  • Sleeping
  • Listening to music


Energy Field Fuel

  • Going out to interact with nature (the type of landscape you want to be around)
  • Going out to interact with people (the type of people you want to be around)
  • Yoga
  • Chakra Healing


  • Breaking down aspects of songs you like
  • Listening and researching your favorite artists
  • Daydreaming
  • Freestyling

Follow your intuition

With that being said, your body is a master creator. Talk to yourself and your body with the intent of finding the answer to what may be blocking your creativity, and you will. If you’re still having a hard time, I suggest you read this songwriting guide (it’s the last you’ll ever need!), just click here!

You can also check out this article filled with questions that will get your creative juices flowing.