Let’s get the creative juices flowing!

Every songwriter, at some point will feel like they can’t think of any lyrics. Don’t panic!

It’s okay… I’m sure we’ve all been there. The good news is, there will be a point where you will never have to worry about writer’s block again, and I’m here to help you do that. (If you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend reading my songwriting guide. It contains a lot of valuable information, and, it’s the last songwriting guide you’ll ever need.)

In this article, I list 100 Questions that helps you tap into the feeling of creativity. These questions embody the feelings and thoughts that goes through a writer’s head as they tune into their flow. As you answer these questions think from your place of truth(not just what sounds good), and don’t judge anything that comes up in your head. Just observe.

The best way to benefit from this:

  • Follow the questions and thoughts in the order presented.
  • Write your answers on a piece of paper.
  • Stay open-minded (no judging here, not even from yourself).
  • Be confident in your art.
  • Don’t forget to write down or record any idea that you come up with
  • Put away all distractions and dedicate time to do this


Follow this through, and you will find yourself generating lyrics with hardly any effort. Many songwriters use this naturally without thinking about it, and I’m sure you have too. Also don’t forget, songwriting is fun! Don’t be all serious, come to have a good time 🙂

Mentally raise your energy, and start these questions when you are ready!

Lyric Inspiration

Songwriter’s Questions/Thoughts for Inspiration

(**If you’re writing to a beat, it’s even better to do these questions while listening to it).

Getting in the mindset

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • How does it relate to this song/beat?
  • Who is my target audience?
  • What direction do I want this song to go in knowing who my target audience is?
  • Or should I just freestyle?
  • maybe I should do a mix of both?
  • Am I open-minded?
  • Am I looking forward to seeing how this goes?
  • “I’m going to make a version that is cool to me” (*say this out loud if you can)
  • “I’m going to make a version that is cool to my target audience” (*say this out loud if you can)
  • “The version that is cool to me, and the version that is cool to my target audience is the same version” (*say this out loud if you can)
  • “I am a songwriter, writing songs is what I do, and it comes naturally to me”(*say this out loud if you can)
  • Am I patient? If not, why?
  • Am I scared that I’m not qualified enough? If so, why?
  • “I am qualified enough” (*say this out loud if you can)
  • “There are no rules when it comes to songwriting” (*say this out loud if you can)


  • How do I want the song to feel?
  • What’s the best first line that will bring my listener’s into that space?
  • Should the first line/entrance be soft or hard?
  • What is the story I’m trying to tell?
  • What’s the best way to structure the song?
  • What’s the best words I could choose to convey the story I’m trying to tell?
  • What is the image I want my listener’s to envision?
  • What are the best words I can choose to portray this image?
  • How can I give my listener’s something real that I know they can relate to?
  • What’s something real from what you’ve written so far that you can relate to? (*this is very important because if you can’t find something real you can relate to, most likely others won’t)
  • “It would be really cool if I added ________________ right here” (*Fill in the blank and say it out loud.)

Now, write a rough draft of your song with the content you have written so far.

Wrapping up the song

  • “let me see what I’ve completed so far…” (*say this out loud if you can)
  • what would you like to change?
  • **Keep on making changes until you feel happy**
  • Sometimes you might need to give it a day, or two, to see if you really like it. Then, you can proceed to make the other changes you would like to make.

Congratulations! you have completed this activity. I hope you got lots of value from this content. I will say reading it is one thing, doing it is another. Still having a hard time? Sometimes when you’re out of ideas, you need rejuvenation. In this article, I list some relaxing techniques used by the pros, also check out my songwriting guide. It’s the last one you’ll ever need, just click here!