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The music industry has made tremendous progress in just these last 3 decades, but, there’s still much work to be done before creatives can feel secure in the business process. Within the last 30 years, we’ve experienced the rise of the internet and have seen how it has changed and is continuing to change the music industry. Music creatives today are surrounded by more opportunities than ever, available with just a touch. Many are taking advantage of the occasion, but for the most part the struggling artist narrative still hasn’t changed. I strongly believe the lack of development, is correlated to the lack of knowledge. Despite the rise of the internet, there’s not enough knowledge of the real work going on behind the scenes regarding how a creative can become successful, particularly when it comes to workmanship and marketing. That’s why as a personal brand, I made it my mission to give the power back to music creatives like me. On my blog, I share music industry knowledge I have gained from experiences, books, and mentors for free on a weekly basis. I also offer my song-writing and vocal expertise to assist music creatives with their projects. I have reached thousands + with my work, and I’m excited that the community is continuing to grow.

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